This website was built by parsing Nunjucks templated Markdown into HTML with markdown-it. Styling is handled via Sass-extended CSS.

All of the heavy lifting is done by Eleventy, whose output is hosted on Netlify.

The look, feel, and content of this site has been inspired by very very many people, so many so that I made a whole page just for my inspirations.

The primary font used is IBM Plex Sans and the monospaced font is IBM Plex Mono.

The stylesheet is built from Natural Selection, and adheres to the 8 Point Grid System (kinda). Heading sizes were calculated using the Typographic Scale Tool.

You can check out the look of the site over at the style guide.

Each page uses trailing slashes.

Also I guess I need to attribute Tw*tter for using one of their "Twemojis" for my site favicon.